Bookkeeping Checklist You Need to Have for Your Business to Grow

Starting a business gives you some high. Your new endeavor provides you with a lot of enthusiasm. But then, it’s not that way all the time, you have to think of the “dirty” work or the responsibilities that accompany it.

One of this responsibility is bookkeeping. Most business owners look at bookkeeping as a time waster, but unaware that this may cause their business to make or break.

If you want to make your business grow, bookkeeping is one area where you have to give focus first.

Bookkeeping is about maintaining financial records. This is crucial for a business to survive.

This article points out the importance of bookkeeping checklists.

Daily Bookkeeping Checklist and Tasks

1. Check Your Cash on Hand

Be aware how much you have on hand and your bank balance. All business owners must be ready for unexpected expenses.

2. Be Aware of Your Cash Inflow and Outflow

Keep a list of incoming and outgoing payments for the day. Doing so will give you the idea of your cash position for the day and the following day.

Monthly Bookkeeping Checklist and Tasks

1. Invoicing

Prepare and send invoices to your customers. The sooner you send invoices, the better. This facilitates faster settlement.

2. Customer Billings

Update your spreadsheet or the accounting software you are using. Don’t get distracted by other tasks, better yet hire an independent Xero bookkeeper sydney. Hiring one will do your business good, to give you more time to grow your business.

3. Customer Payments

Update your software wit the payments made by customers.

4. File Vendor Bills and Payment Records

Keep everything intact. This includes all physical copies of bills. Print e-bill as well. Index everything for ease of filing.

5. Vendor Payments

Record all payments made to the suppliers. If you keep up with your payments, it’s likely that your customers will keep up with theirs.

6. Keep Payroll File Updated

Be on top of the payroll and show your employees that you are in for the long haul.

7. Review Cash Flow

Check your cash flow regularly. Have a periodic cash flow projection. This makes you have a view of your cash flow goals.

Quarterly Bookkeeping Checklist and Tasks

1. Annual Profit and Loss Estimates

Check your profit and loss forecasts. How are you faring against the estimates?

2. Make Quarterly Payroll Payments

Quarterly payroll payments are due in the last month of each quarter. Be sure to put this in your system quarterly.

3. Make Quarterly Sales Tax Payments

To avoid penalties, you have to account for this and make the appropriate payments.

Annual Bookkeeping Checklist and Tasks

1. Year-End Inventory

Account for what is left at the year end. Which product did well in the current year and what product you have to stop selling.

2. Fill out Tax Forms

This is tedious, but it is required. Have it done and move on to the next task.

3. Financial Reports

Review the whole year financial reports. If you didn’t do well in the current year, there are opportunities for you to improve and keep up with your business goals.

4. Review Tax Returns

Do this before giving to your accountant.

Final thought

For a business to succeed, make it a habit of setting aside time for bookkeeping tasks. Make this checklist as your guide, so you won’t miss out anything.

How Small Business Branding Services Can Boost Your ROI

Branding With Content Marketing

We all know branding is important. There are popular brands like Apple, Nike, Starbucks, Ford, etc. These are big names. What if you are a new and small business? Yes, you need branding. Branding is not limited to large enterprises with massive budgets.

How Do You Brand a Small Business That Will Be Strong and Uniquely Yours?

Here Are Some Branding Tips:

  • Define your brand. What are your business purpose and goals? Describe the story of your business. What have you to offer that is uniquely yours? Establishing yourself as a brand may be time-consuming and challenging, but needs to be done. Because it is complex, you can leverage the expertise of small business branding services.
  • Build, engage and grow your community. Small businesses can develop, engage and build your community through online communities. Share relevant content on your different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You can build an offline community too.
  • Offer great products and services. Your clients need solutions to their problems. Create products and services that can help them solve their issues. Example: when you are in the healthy lifestyle business offer products like healthy food items.
  • Have a good name and logo. If you’re starting your brand you must stick to your clients or target customers minds. It should be recognizable. You have to invest and use the expertise of pros like Roosterly for this.
  • Find a voice for your company. That unique voice must reflect your brand. Example: Acer: “Empowering Technology”; KFC – “Finger-lickin’ good.”
  • Have consistency. You must be consistent to your audience. The message you portray on your site must be the same on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Don’t do lip service and be true to your promise. Example: If you promise quick delivery then deliver it within the promised time. Clients will give positive reviews and refer your service to their friends.

Content Marketing CycleBranding Packages Pricing

Branding is a complex thing, and your new business can leverage the expertise of small business branding services. What services can you get from them and the cost it entails?

The Cost for Branding Differs on the Size of a Business and How Much They Are Willing to Spend:

  1. New businesses with a small budget typically find low-cost ways to pay for a logo and website.
  2. General startup and small business re-branding. When you have little money, you will be able to hire an experienced designer but don’t expect any strategies or marketing tips.
  3. Small business with over a million dollars in revenue. The price is determined by its size and overhead, website size, deliverable s and marketing team experience.
  4. Mid-size to large businesses. Companies this size requires bigger money budget because their website requires more functionality, a lot of deliverable s and needs intensive marketing strategies compared to start-ups.

Branding for small business is critical. If done the right way it can compete with larger companies. The way you communicate and position your business is crucial. Using pros in the field of small business branding services help you deal with this issues.

It is your take and choice. If you decide to let, your business slowly grows by word of mouth or grow it exponentially using some marketing automation; it’s all up to you.

Once a Week Maid Service

Times have changed, and the American lifestyle is now more fast-paced than ever. Everybody’s hands are full with either parenting, school, or work! Time is the most valuable resource, and you can’t afford to waste it. Many people have realized that they can be more productive when they outsource household work.

The solution to this issue is to find a maid service near me! Life will be easier and more manageable once you hire one.

Find a Maid Service Close By

Reasons You Need Cleaning Services for Homes

Adults are working a lot nowadays to keep up with their bills. Even while commuting they are working. They have so much to attend to like children’s activities, driving kids to and from school, or taking them to the dentist. If this sounds like your life, you probably need some downtime, right?

Here Are Some Key Reasons You Need a Cleaning Service:

*You need some help at home when you’re working full time or even beyond eight hours. Working full time drains you physically and mentally. Upon reaching home, you don’t have the energy to take care of all the house cleaning needing done.

*If you’re hosting a party, finding a maid service near me is your go to. Special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries happen only once a year. Finding cleaning services allows you to enjoy mingling and socializing with your friends and relatives. They’ll help you keep your house in top condition before and after the party.

*When you’re dying for some leisurely activities. When was the last time you went to a bar with some friends or even just went out to eat? You’re unable to do these things due to the housework that seems to never stop. Your weekends are spent cleaning at home only.

*If you need to earn more money by doing some freelance work apart from your day job. To make your life easier you need to find maid service near me. They’ll do all the cleaning and house work for you.

How to Get a Maid

Find a Maid Service Near MeFinding cleaning services is as easy as buying a commodity. You can go to yellow pages or search online for maid service near me. However, there are some core issues you have to consider:

Track Record

How long have they been in the cleaning services industry? Don’t forget to ask them for references and work history! You can call those on the list and verify with them if the company provides excellent service like Maid Complete.

Do They Have Insurance Coverage?

If a maid, unfortunately, falls accidentally while working at your home, is she insured? You have to be sure they are appropriately covered, so you don’t get stuck with the bill.

Do they screen their employees? Does the company do any background check?

Are they using a feedback system? They must collect feedback from their clients after the maid service finishes the job.

Cleaning Services Cost

The cost of cleaning services is dependent on different factors. These include the number and size of rooms to be cleaned; number and size of bathrooms; cleaning materials used. Also, areas which are difficult to access like cleaning furnaces or ceilings and even the distance of your home from the cleaning services company.

Whatever it is, the most important thing to do is communicate with them well and see to it that you have a contract. The contract must stipulate everything from the exact service required, cost, and the time services start to when they end.

Have some down time, relax, de-stress and enjoy your weekend by hiring cleaning service. Don’t forget to ask around and verify if the company has good track record.

Keeping Your Office Clean: Where to Start

We spend about a third of our day in our offices. It’s basically our second home. So it just makes sense that we should keep it clean every day.

An office’s cleanliness has profound impacts on employee productivity. Dirty carpets and floors and unsanitized restrooms can leave employees more prone to sickness, and we both know that having sick employees doesn’t help the company. Businesses collectively lose $225 billion every year due to sick days.

So Where Can You Start in Keeping Your Office Tidy and Sanitary?

1. Organize papers. Papers are the number one culprits for cluttered desks and office space. It just gets everywhere. Having too many unnecessary documents encourages dust to settle in and slows down your work process if you’re going to have to spend 20 minutes look for a file.

Cleaning_Services_for_Your_Home_or_BusinessInstead of allowing papers to pile up, organize them as they come. Set up an organizing system by using folders, drawers, or whatever you prefer. Throw out paper wastes, or better yet, collect and store them away to re-use as scratch papers or hand them over to a recycling company later.

2. Clean the pantry. The pantry is one of the dirtiest parts of an office. Since this is where employers eat, there will be leftovers on tables and floors. Sweep this area regularly to avoid accumulation of disgusting food particles that will attract ants and other creepy crawlies. You also need to remind your employees to clean as they go. Keep tissues or clean pieces of cloth handy for wiping off table tops.

3. Disinfect restrooms. We all know that restrooms are home to hundreds of germs. We can’t stop that, but at least we can minimize it. Restrooms, especially sinks, doors, floor, and toilet bowls should be disinfected once or twice daily. You also need to make sure that there’s a constant supply of hand sanitizer and tissue. Offices usually use janitorial cleaning services for these purposes due to their expertise in handling such matters. If you’re looking for an office cleaning service around your area, start by checking out Anago of Manitoba.

4. Keep desks neat. Employees should be responsible for regularly keeping their desks tidy. Wipe off the dust from desks and electronics. Dusty desks are a breeding ground for germs and viruses. You should also avoid eating at your desk to keep food crumbs from falling all over the place. Food crumbs are the best friend of mice, and I doubt that you want to be visited by our rodent friends.

5. Wipe office floors. Dust that settles on floors eventually work their way up, so floors should be kept dust-free at all times. If you use commercial janitorial service, remind your office janitor to wipe every nooks and cranny of the office floor. The cleaning professional will also know how to clean different types of floors such as cemented, wooden, or tiled floors.


Key Takeaways

Each employee can contribute to a cleaner office, but for complicated cleaning matters, it’s best to use a commercial janitorial service. Come up with and maintain a regular cleaning scheme that involves the help of everyone in the office to foster a sense of responsibility among employees and keep them as healthy and productive as possible.

Do You Need More Storage Space for Your Stuff?

Are you looking for more room for all your things? Have you been putting off your spring cleaning because you just don’t know where everything can fit?

If you are an organizational ninja, you probably haven’t even thought about the fact that maybe you just have too much stuff! Even with the Tetris skills of Einstein, there might just not be enough room left for you to fit everything you own in a comfortable and organized spot. No matter how much you pack or however many times you organize the space nothing seems to work. What do you do now?

self containing storage units

How Do You Manage All the Clutter?

Keeping your house clean and organized is something every good homeowner wants. If you have found yourself in a situation where all your things are running out of space, maybe you need somewhere new to store them. Since not everyone has the funds to just pick up and move into a larger home, there are other alternative options you can look into. Finding a storage facility big enough to accommodate all your extra belongings can be a headache. That is why you can shop online first to see what storage space would be the best fit for you.

self storage container rentalsWhat Kinds of Things Can You Store?

When looking into a storage unit, you need to keep in mind the things that you are planning to put inside the container. Some facilities will hold smaller things and just rent out lockers, while others can accommodate larger items such as a car or boat. When you are searching for a self-storage container, figuring out everything you will want to put into the unit before you rent it is vital. Depending on how you like to keep your things and in what system you like to put them in, the size of the container you rent will change the experience you have with them.

If you are planning on visiting your container or locker frequently, then the organizational system that you put in place can dramatically lessen the time you spend at the storage facility. The less time you spend there, the more time you can spend enjoying your day and the things you picked up from your unit.

Just Don’t Miss Your Storage Payments:

One popular reality show that we have started seeing a lot of are those storage unit auction shows. They will record people going to various storage facilities throughout the country and watch them bid on units that are being sold at auction. They are not actually buying the unit. Instead, they are purchasing the items inside. Even though these shows are inaccurate, there is some truth to them. If a storage company has a container that has been rented but the individual is no longer paying, they will try to make up those lost profits by using the belongings inside to make what money back they can.

If you have been looking for additional space to hold all your extra stuff, then looking into a storage company or facility would be the best option for you. Keeping your things safe and remaining organized can improve how you feel about your home.

How to Save Money and Time with Booking Software

Switch from old appointment scheduling methods to online bookingDo you own a business that relies on appointments or scheduling? Maybe you offer reservations for clients and customers, so they do not have to wait for an opening. If any of these apply to you, then you have probably dealt with overbooking or double reservations.

How Do You Fix Your Double Booking Problem?

When it comes to keeping your appointments in order, you might currently be using standard means of pencil and paper to hand-write your schedule. This can quickly become a chaotic mess that will frustrate both you and your clients. On top of causing you unneeded stress, mistakes with appointments and your schedule can lead you to lose money and valuable customers. These are mistakes that new business owners can not afford.

How Can You Avoid A Double Booking Nightmare?

When dealing with scheduling one mistake can cause hours of stress and headache. If you have been looking for a more organized alternative, you should consider booking software. It can easily integrate with your company and give you back a lot of free time to enjoy all your hard work. With different software being available on the market, you should look into one that will satisfy the needs of your business in particular.

Reach More People:

Most scheduling programs will work on your current website so your customers can easily find and make an appointment. If your concern up to this point has been that your clients are from a different culture or a variety of cultures, that will not be a problem. There are appointment scheduling software programs that will allow the client to choose their particular language and currency. This will make it incredibly easy to reach and book more clients from different nationalities.

Things to avoid when booking a hotelMarketing Using Social Media:

If your company already has social media accounts, then you can connect them easily with your new software. This can help you reach more prospective customers and bring you more of a profit. Within the program, you can add pictures of your business, what your company does, and what exactly you can offer for them.

Real Time Updating:

The best aspect of booking software is that it updates in real time. This means that the second someone selects an appointment and books it, it will immediately show up as unavailable to anyone else. So, if you own a business with multiple locations, you would never again have to worry about being double booked due to a lapse in your scheduling. The customer will only be able to see the days and times that are available at that exact moment.

Upsell and Make More Money:

You can even use some of these programs to try and up-sell your customers. Using the ability to offer add-ons for your service, possible souvenirs, or the use of similar merchandise, you can potentially make more profit on top of the savings you are already seeing.

You might be content with the current system you have in place. Why would you want to just be satisfied with your service? Why not be ecstatic about it and earn more money while having less to worry about? This is what we call, a win – win scenario.

Why You Should Consider Buying Income Protection Insurance

Income protection insurancePeople buy insurance for their cars because it is required. Health insurance is a necessity for the family. We see to it that our houses or properties are insured, our business is usually insured. However, income protection insurance is something we take for granted.

  1. What is income protection insurance?

It is a long-term insurance policy which helps you if you are not gainfully earning due to illness or injury. It substitutes a portion of your income if you are unable to earn gainfully.

  1. Who needs this type of insurance?

Sometimes buying income protection insurance is taken for granted because if you are in good health, you will never think that things will turn upside down, that’s when serious illness or injury happens. No one wants to think bad of the future, but how often do we hear horror stories that the father or mother or whoever is the breadwinner of the family couldn’t work anymore because of injury due to a fall or accident or critical illness. What will happen to the family they are raising? Yes, you may have savings but how long will you survive with it, considering all bills and living expenses to pay? Sooner or later your finances will go down the drain. If you are being cautious and think for the family’s future, you will consider buying insurance protection for your income.

  1. Are there people who don’t need this?

You may not need income protection insurance: if you can survive using your sick pay; if your government benefits are enough to cover your Protecting your income with insurancebills; if you have saved enough to see you through your lifetime; if you think your family can support you.

  1. Why should you consider buying it?

First of all, anything can happen to you. It doesn’t matter if you have a family to raise. People dream to see that their income keeps coming consistently to provide for their loved ones until their old age. Unfortunately, this dream may not come to pass. Having protection gives peace of mind for you and your family. You or your wife may be working double time to provide a comfortable life for your kids. If you will become incapacitated and can not work anymore, then it causes loss of income, and it crashes your family’s finances.

Buying income protection insurance allows you to keep up with your debt payments. Paying bills and living expenses is already stressful enough, and even more so if you have to pay for car loans and credit card bills. Furthermore, it gives you more protection. Income protection can complement other insurance plans.

Nothing beats professionals and experts advice. Get an income protection insurance quote from Life’s Great. It is important to seek an expert’s advice because you are not simply buying bags or shoes. It is like you are buying a lifetime. They will determine the cost of the policy which varies considering many factors like age, the nature of your job or business, how much of your income would you like covered, what is the waiting period for the policy to pay out and lastly, your state of health including your medical history. A medical check up might be required.

Don’t wait for something to happen, seek an expert’s advice. Invest in income protection insurance now!

Stop Changing Your Furnace Filter Every 3 Months, Buy a Washable Filter Instead

Wanting to have clean air in our homes is something that everyone strives to achieve. There is nothing that is too good for our loved ones, and having the cleanest air possible is obtained with the use of an air filter. An air filter works by filtering the dirty air in our homes and pulling out small particles and irritants and replacing the polluted air with clean air.

The difference between clean and dirty filtersSaving Money With Washable Air Filters

Having clean air in our homes just isn’t enough. We also need to make sure that the air in our workplaces is just as clean as we’d want for our homes. And when you are dealing with a commercial setting like that, you will have multiple filters that will need to be changed.

So why should we have to change these air filters every month, like our furnace, and the filter itself, suggest? Isn’t there a better way to go about this without having to sacrifice money and clean air? Well, there is.

Commercial washable air filters by Permatron is an example of this. They have offered washable air filters since the 1950’s, and their product quality just cannot be matched. Their air filters are developed for use with systems that require high arresting efficiency and the ability to thoroughly clean the air, such as in a hospital or laboratory.

You know you are getting a quality product from them, and when you look at the price of traditional air filters against the time that they are useful, and compare that to the cost and effectiveness of one of their washable air filters, you will be amazed at the comparison.

How Washable Filters Reduce Pollution

One of the added benefits of purchasing a commercial washable air filters by Permatron is that you will be doing your part for the environment. We have all heard about how we are polluting the planet because we do not reuse our things, and are quick to throw something out and just buy brand new. Well, with a washable air filter not only will you be able to save yourself money and make sure that your air is as clean as it could possibly be, but you are also doing your part to help combat pollution and ‘go green.’

Permatron’s air filters can be custom made to ensure that they are meeting your HVAC needs also. And, they do not just offer one type of washable air filter, but a few different styles.

Having clean air to work in, and live in, is essential to our health and the way we see our home and work. Knowing that you have an option out there that will help you get the cleanest air possible while still contributing to maintaining the wastefulness of continuously throwing away old and dirty air filters is important.

Getting the air filter that is going to work best for your particular needs is important, and one that Permatron can help you with. If you are strongly considering getting a new air filter that is affordable and efficient, get a washable air filter today.

The Real Reason Why You Need A Content Marketing Strategy

You will lose a lot of money if marketing your business is at a sidelight. Financially it’s a risky thing. Funneling sales must be a priority. There are lots of cost effective means to increase your revenue. How do you market your business?

Why Your Company Needs a Content Marketing Strategy?

Let us know what is a content marketing first. It is a way of marketing your business focused mainly on distributing relevant content like videos, images, blogs which intend to engage potential customers and eventually drive more sales.

In essence, content marketing strategy is the “why” for your business. Typically entrepreneurs use content marketing to target an audience to achieve revenue increase in a cost effective way.

What Comprises an Effective Strategy?

There is no definitive guide for making this. This serves as the outline for your business and customer needs.

Company Focus

Know what are the goals and objectives for the business and the company’s expectations.

Customer Experience

Be aware how the customer feels about your brand. Who are your target audience or customers and the solution you are giving them?

Content Creation

Content is king. Based on your brand, create quality and engaging content. Determine the concept of your content and the people involved to execute it.

Channel Promotion

How will you distribute your content? Choose the channels. Share your content like crazy. Go for paid advertisement in different social media channels. Maximize the use of all types of media.

Feedback Analysis

You must have a system of determining success and failure of a campaign. Establish the system and see if expectations have been met.

What Are Some of the Content Marketing Best Practices?

Have a Written Strategic Map

Everything needs to be documented from business goals to strategy and action plan. This will serve as the guide to achieve the ultimate goal.

Have a Clearly Divided Content Calendar

To keep track of your content projects, everything must be written in a calendar. Keep it organized. This facilitates delegation of functions as well.

Create Engaging Content Mix

It should be varied from articles, videos, email newsletters, infographics, vlogs, videos, and images. Quality and engaging contents lead to conversion.

Don’t Be Too Traditional and Be Creative

An example is Evian’s roller babies campaign. It went viral and was a huge marketing success. Sometimes you have to take risks and think creatively. Content marketing is about communicating with your target audience and ultimately selling your products or ideas to them.

Write for Your Audience

Don’t write for search engines. Talk to people. Write articles which help them solve their problems. Address your target audience pain points and provide the solution.

Focus on Lead Nurturing

Work on writing emails, telling stories in your emails and marketing automation. This idea applies to content marketing too.

Measure Your Success

Determine which content derived the most conversions; the channels used; how much was the revenue, etc. Every aspect of the success or failure of the campaign should be analyzed.


Having a real content marketing strategy is a priority to increase company revenue. It is essential that the best practices for content marketing be followed to be effective in your business.

Top 9 Most Sought After Venue Management Software

Venue management software has a very crucial role in the entertainment and hospitality industries and will help sports and convention venues manage private events. People working with this system are responsible for the planning and running of events and group activities. It is better if people utilize venue management software so that they will not have a hard time preparing for an event. Below is a list of the top management software’s used by venue professionals.

Stadium Event Management

Top Venue Management Software

1.) Skedda Bookings

  • This is an online booking system for any space such as working space, meeting rooms, studio, halls, courts, and more. This software is mostly used in offices, studios, sports venues, etc. This has helped businesses increase and grow to become more productive. Skedda allows people to track and define all the spaces that are needed. It is free and easy to use, but it will be difficult to see the rooms or space that have been booked already.

2.) iSmart Spaces

  • iSmart lets you save time managing your space, venues, and rooms. It is also suitable for anyone who has a space to be booked online. You can do transactions like booking and paying online. The software allows you to search a host of available venues and spaces.

3.) InviteBIG Venue Management software

  • This is used in bars and night clubs, amusement parks, concert and music halls, studio and galleries and activity facilities, such as sports. It allows their customers to access bookings in events for 24 hours every day online. They can be accessed through social media and their official website.
  • You can keep track of your transactions, payments, bookings, and communications. They have the following features: billing and invoicing, multi-facility, food and beverage management, sales management, and resource bookings. It will let you experience the easy way to book for simple events.

4.) Priava

  • Priava is a club based management software. This software provides their services to niche markets in the venue and events sector. It has a competitive advantage with a lower lost. They have great systems that are easy to use.

5.) Event Lightning

  • This software has an accurate event billing that includes revenue forecasting. It also has accurate management information to help you make a better decision. It is a good recommendation for any event planning by gig based company. They have an excellent customer service as well. It organizes your events.

6.) Gather’s Venue Management Software

  • This particular software makes organization of events easy. It streamlines the planning process. It can also increase sales and keep your customers satisfied.

7.) Planning Pod

  • Planning Pod keeps tabs on all events that are already scheduled for your venue.

8.) Artifax Event

  • This software is more designed to fit the needs (specialized needs) of people who manage commercial, community, and cultural events. It streamlines your business processes and making it easier by putting the information at your fingertips. It has sales management, business staff management, multi-facility, profit and loss tracking, contract management, billing and invoicing, and many more features.

9.) Bluize Venue Management

  • Bluize controls stock and cash. It has a billing and invoicing and profit and loss tracking.

These are just a few of the many venue management software companies that are out there, and each one offers a great option for your management needs. Ultimately, any of these software’s can help you to increase your productivity and customer satisfaction.