The Real Reason Why You Need A Content Marketing Strategy

You will lose a lot of money if marketing your business is at a sidelight. Financially it’s a risky thing. Funneling sales must be a priority. There are lots of cost effective means to increase your revenue. How do you market your business?

Why Your Company Needs a Content Marketing Strategy?

Let us know what is a content marketing first. It is a way of marketing your business focused mainly on distributing relevant content like videos, images, blogs which intend to engage potential customers and eventually drive more sales.

In essence, content marketing strategy is the “why” for your business. Typically entrepreneurs use content marketing to target an audience to achieve revenue increase in a cost effective way.

What Comprises an Effective Strategy?

There is no definitive guide for making this. This serves as the outline for your business and customer needs.

Company Focus

Know what are the goals and objectives for the business and the company’s expectations.

Customer Experience

Be aware how the customer feels about your brand. Who are your target audience or customers and the solution you are giving them?

Content Creation

Content is king. Based on your brand, create quality and engaging content. Determine the concept of your content and the people involved to execute it.

Channel Promotion

How will you distribute your content? Choose the channels. Share your content like crazy. Go for paid advertisement in different social media channels. Maximize the use of all types of media.

Feedback Analysis

You must have a system of determining success and failure of a campaign. Establish the system and see if expectations have been met.

What Are Some of the Content Marketing Best Practices?

Have a Written Strategic Map

Everything needs to be documented from business goals to strategy and action plan. This will serve as the guide to achieve the ultimate goal.

Have a Clearly Divided Content Calendar

To keep track of your content projects, everything must be written in a calendar. Keep it organized. This facilitates delegation of functions as well.

Create Engaging Content Mix

It should be varied from articles, videos, email newsletters, infographics, vlogs, videos, and images. Quality and engaging contents lead to conversion.

Don’t Be Too Traditional and Be Creative

An example is Evian’s roller babies campaign. It went viral and was a huge marketing success. Sometimes you have to take risks and think creatively. Content marketing is about communicating with your target audience and ultimately selling your products or ideas to them.

Write for Your Audience

Don’t write for search engines. Talk to people. Write articles which help them solve their problems. Address your target audience pain points and provide the solution.

Focus on Lead Nurturing

Work on writing emails, telling stories in your emails and marketing automation. This idea applies to content marketing too.

Measure Your Success

Determine which content derived the most conversions; the channels used; how much was the revenue, etc. Every aspect of the success or failure of the campaign should be analyzed.


Having a real content marketing strategy is a priority to increase company revenue. It is essential that the best practices for content marketing be followed to be effective in your business.

What Is Content Marketing?

Marketing Content StrategiesContent marketing is all about connecting consumers that have a specific need to their solutions via fresh and engaging content made available on multiple platforms.

A successful content marketing company addresses the consumers needs and wants all the time. Content marketing is also an effective alternative to spending money on online advertising to get traffic to your product or service.

However, the effectiveness of how you distribute your articles is imperative. There is a strategic approach to marketing that is focused on creating and sharing valuable, consistent and relevant content to attract costumers.

How You Can Have a Successful Content Marketing Company

This type of online marketing is a big market yet it is also a very competitive industry. But eventually you will get to learn from each experience you will encounter. There are a lot of strategic approaches to content marketing. The following three strategic plans will help you in your marketing journey.

1.)Figure out who should be leading your company:

  • To run a content marketing strategy, we need a workforce to help produce. Depending on your company’s size, you should have a marketing team. You should be able to hire the right person for the right position in your business. The primary goal for the people on your team should be to attract people to your business and others will do email marketing, marketing ops, and optimization.

To have an effective company in this field, you will need to hire the following staff:

  • Blogger
    • They should be the one to write different types of articles on various topics for the blog and optimizing the content for search   engines and lead generation.
  • SEO specialists
    • They will be responsible for identifying and executing on opportunities to improve the company’s and contents search               ranking.
  • Social Media Manager
    • They will build and manage the company’s social media profiles and presence such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. Creating shareable content appropriate for specific networks.
  • Long-Form Content Creator
    • They write and produce various projects and blogs. This role is at the core of the team.
  • Designer
    • They create and maintain the marketing assets and contents to support the marketing goals and the products.

The Content Marketing Cycle2.)Acquiring Proper Tools and Technology:

To help make your company run that much smoother, you will want to make sure that first and foremost, you have the right people on your team. There are a lot of tools and technologies that can aid your marketing team.

The following are some essential tools and resources needed to start your new venture:

  • Content Management System – This enables you to quickly set up your content in a short time frame while still following a web-friendly format.
  • Analytics – With analytic, you can measure your content marketing performance and compare it to your goals.
  • Project Management Software – This software can help you organize your content and collaborate with your team.
  • Design Software – Visual content is vital to grasp the attention of the customers entirely. There are a lot of software that can be used, such as Photoshop, Adobe, Canvas, etc.

3.)Creating and delivering the Content.

Now that you have the tools and staff necessary, you are ready to start. This is an effective way to build a strong and sustainable business model. With more online businesses popping up on the internet daily, article writers and content generation companies are needed severely.

Modeling Your Business Structure in the Most Cohesive Way

World Business Garden Towers

For lean startup companies, founders usually have difficulties structuring their business model. They try making their structures while forgetting many important elements. Over time they continually renew their construction only to see little to no improvement. Thankfully, Business Model Canvas was developed. It has helped many startup entrepreneurs structure their first business models in an organized manner.

Business Model Canvas or B.M.C. is a management and startup template for creating new business models. With the Business Model Canvas, it becomes possible to assemble a very detailed version of your company vision, with its nine key elements that represent the complete model of your business.

These key elements are the customer segments, channels, value propositions, customer relationships, key activities, key resources, key partnerships, revenue streams, and cost structure.

B.M.C. Nine Elements

  1. Customer Segments is who your customers are and what problems does your product solve.
  2. Value Propositions is the product or service, its features, benefits, and advantages versus competition. It also defines the size of the market opportunity and the minimum viable product or MVP that illustrates your product quickly to obtain feedback from customers right away.
  3. Channels are how you are to distribute and your-your product or service.
  4. Customer relationships. This is about how you create customer demand.
  5. Revenue streams. This is the profit and revenue sources and size.
  6. Key activities. These are the tasks the company should perform to succeed.
  7. Key resources. These are commodities, suppliers, and other elements necessary for the business.
  8. Key partnerships. These are the other enterprises can be-be essential for the success of your business.
  9. Cost structure. These are the variable and fixed costs necessary for your business to operate.

The Business Model CanvasFundamentally, Canvas delivers three things:

  • Focus – Getting rid of a hundred pages of ‘documents’ in a traditional business plan, users of BMC have improved their clarity and focus on the core of the business.
  • Flexibility – Business model canvas makes it easier to modify the model and try new things on something that you can see in just one page.
  • Transparency – The members of your team will have an easier time understanding the business model in your firm and become more likely to agree with your vision when it is presented in a single page.

With all these things in hand, you can then validate your vision with your possible “validators”, which are your potential customers. As these customers pan elements of your business model, you then iterate the design and modify it over time based on the feedback that you have received. The consistently updated business model becomes a record for monitoring the progress of your company.

In your lean startup company, using canvas is a very useful tool in creating your companies model. If it is your first time with canvas, printing it out or having it projected on a whiteboard is highly suggested. Once it is on your whiteboard or printed and hung up in the office, fill out the nine elements for your business and ask yourself what the most critical components and linkages of the model are. This will help you make the most out of this amazing new company based structure.

Whiteboard view of BMC Business Model