Why You Should Consider Buying Income Protection Insurance

Income protection insurancePeople buy insurance for their cars because it is required. Health insurance is a necessity for the family. We see to it that our houses or properties are insured, our business is usually insured. However, income protection insurance is something we take for granted.

  1. What is income protection insurance?

It is a long-term insurance policy which helps you if you are not gainfully earning due to illness or injury. It substitutes a portion of your income if you are unable to earn gainfully.

  1. Who needs this type of insurance?

Sometimes buying income protection insurance is taken for granted because if you are in good health, you will never think that things will turn upside down, that’s when serious illness or injury happens. No one wants to think bad of the future, but how often do we hear horror stories that the father or mother or whoever is the breadwinner of the family couldn’t work anymore because of injury due to a fall or accident or critical illness. What will happen to the family they are raising? Yes, you may have savings but how long will you survive with it, considering all bills and living expenses to pay? Sooner or later your finances will go down the drain. If you are being cautious and think for the family’s future, you will consider buying insurance protection for your income.

  1. Are there people who don’t need this?

You may not need income protection insurance: if you can survive using your sick pay; if your government benefits are enough to cover your Protecting your income with insurancebills; if you have saved enough to see you through your lifetime; if you think your family can support you.

  1. Why should you consider buying it?

First of all, anything can happen to you. It doesn’t matter if you have a family to raise. People dream to see that their income keeps coming consistently to provide for their loved ones until their old age. Unfortunately, this dream may not come to pass. Having protection gives peace of mind for you and your family. You or your wife may be working double time to provide a comfortable life for your kids. If you will become incapacitated and can not work anymore, then it causes loss of income, and it crashes your family’s finances.

Buying income protection insurance allows you to keep up with your debt payments. Paying bills and living expenses is already stressful enough, and even more so if you have to pay for car loans and credit card bills. Furthermore, it gives you more protection. Income protection can complement other insurance plans.

Nothing beats professionals and experts advice. Get an income protection insurance quote from Life’s Great. It is important to seek an expert’s advice because you are not simply buying bags or shoes. It is like you are buying a lifetime. They will determine the cost of the policy which varies considering many factors like age, the nature of your job or business, how much of your income would you like covered, what is the waiting period for the policy to pay out and lastly, your state of health including your medical history. A medical check up might be required.

Don’t wait for something to happen, seek an expert’s advice. Invest in income protection insurance now!

Stop Changing Your Furnace Filter Every 3 Months, Buy a Washable Filter Instead

Wanting to have clean air in our homes is something that everyone strives to achieve. There is nothing that is too good for our loved ones, and having the cleanest air possible is obtained with the use of an air filter. An air filter works by filtering the dirty air in our homes and pulling out small particles and irritants and replacing the polluted air with clean air.

The difference between clean and dirty filtersSaving Money With Washable Air Filters

Having clean air in our homes just isn’t enough. We also need to make sure that the air in our workplaces is just as clean as we’d want for our homes. And when you are dealing with a commercial setting like that, you will have multiple filters that will need to be changed.

So why should we have to change these air filters every month, like our furnace, and the filter itself, suggest? Isn’t there a better way to go about this without having to sacrifice money and clean air? Well, there is.

Commercial washable air filters by Permatron is an example of this. They have offered washable air filters since the 1950’s, and their product quality just cannot be matched. Their air filters are developed for use with systems that require high arresting efficiency and the ability to thoroughly clean the air, such as in a hospital or laboratory.

You know you are getting a quality product from them, and when you look at the price of traditional air filters against the time that they are useful, and compare that to the cost and effectiveness of one of their washable air filters, you will be amazed at the comparison.

How Washable Filters Reduce Pollution

One of the added benefits of purchasing a commercial washable air filters by Permatron is that you will be doing your part for the environment. We have all heard about how we are polluting the planet because we do not reuse our things, and are quick to throw something out and just buy brand new. Well, with a washable air filter not only will you be able to save yourself money and make sure that your air is as clean as it could possibly be, but you are also doing your part to help combat pollution and ‘go green.’

Permatron’s air filters can be custom made to ensure that they are meeting your HVAC needs also. And, they do not just offer one type of washable air filter, but a few different styles.

Having clean air to work in, and live in, is essential to our health and the way we see our home and work. Knowing that you have an option out there that will help you get the cleanest air possible while still contributing to maintaining the wastefulness of continuously throwing away old and dirty air filters is important.

Getting the air filter that is going to work best for your particular needs is important, and one that Permatron can help you with. If you are strongly considering getting a new air filter that is affordable and efficient, get a washable air filter today.