What Is a Postage Meter?

Pitney-Bowes Postage MeterA postage meter is a mailing system device that is used to print postage on the envelope for any kinds of mail or even in an adhesive tape. Companies started using these meters in order to streamline their postage operation and reduce mailing costs. This invention has led to increased overall productivity and reduced maintenance costs.

Fast Facts:

  • You can’t buy a postage meter. It is never owned by manufacturers, they are just rented. Post meters are regulated by USPS and foreign post offices.
  • This type of meter is the same thing as a mailing machine or mailing equipment.
  • In Europe, they are referred to as franking machine, Post ag zu frankit
  • This device nowadays can offer a very easy operation because it has already a display. You can also conveniently charge the postage online and receive updates online.
  • The conventional postage meter doesn’t have a matrix code. It is also called a sender punching machine.

Russian postage exampleWhat Is the Difference Between the Postage Meter and Frankit?

The difference from the franking technology is the imprint, containing a code (matrix) that simplifies the processing of the machine in the franked items in a quick amount of time.

How to Use a Post Meter?

It is very important skill for the people in a certain company or the business owner to know how to handle the franking machine, Post ag zu frankit. Postage meters are common in offices because it is one of the most important pieces of office equipment. This machine can reduce outgoings and increase the overall efficiency of those handling mail. The following are some tips on how to use a postage meter.

  • After the postage meter is configured and installed in your office, which is done by the supplier, it is immediately ready to use.
  • Prepare your mail. Weigh the letter. Some devices have a built in scale but you can also weigh it manually. The screen will tell you how much your package weighs or if you weigh it manually, you can just input it on the digital screen. It will also tell you how much postage you need to pay. Never guess the weight because it will lead to insufficient postage and unnecessary fees.
  • The machine, if connected to the internet, will automatically determine the value of your postage basing on the USPS standard rates.
  • Then you can input some important information that you would like to include. (You can also set up templates inside the device to make this a quicker process.)
  • You have an option to either print onto the label or directly to the envelope or package. However, the printer does have a standard size, so if you have a big package, print onto a label separately, and stick it on the package manually.
  • Seal the enveloped. Some postage meters have a feature that automatically seals the envelop upon printing it. It wets the glue inside the envelope and creates the fold. If yours does not come equipped with this feature, you will still have to seal your envelope manually.

USA Boston Meter Stamp
Using a postage meter is very easy; just do some minor maintenance checks from time to time to avoid complications such as paper jam and ink shortage. All in all, this is one of the greatest inventions of all time. It meets the demand of postal offices and businesses needing to increase efficiency, and it is very simple to use.