The Real Reason Why You Need A Content Marketing Strategy
You will lose a lot of money if marketing your...

You will lose a lot of money if marketing your business is at a sidelight. Financially it’s a risky thing. Funneling sales must be a priority. There are lots of cost effective means to increase your revenue. How do you market your business?

Why Your Company Needs a Content Marketing Strategy?

Let us know what is a content marketing first. It is a way of marketing your business focused mainly on distributing relevant content like videos, images, blogs which intend to engage potential customers and eventually drive more sales.

In essence, content marketing strategy is the “why” for your business. Typically entrepreneurs use content marketing to target an audience to achieve revenue increase in a cost effective way.

What Comprises an Effective Strategy?

There is no definitive guide for making this. This serves as the outline for your business and customer needs.

Company Focus

Know what are the goals and objectives for the business and the company’s expectations.

Customer Experience

Be aware how the customer feels about your brand. Who are your target audience or customers and the solution you are giving them?

Content Creation

Content is king. Based on your brand, create quality and engaging content. Determine the concept of your content and the people involved to execute it.

Channel Promotion

How will you distribute your content? Choose the channels. Share your content like crazy. Go for paid advertisement in different social media channels. Hire a facebook advertising agency if you have to. Maximize the use of all types of media.

Feedback Analysis

You must have a system of determining success and failure of a campaign. Establish the system and see if expectations have been met.

What Are Some of the Content Marketing Best Practices?

Have a Written Strategic Map

Everything needs to be documented from business goals to strategy and action plan. This will serve as the guide to achieve the ultimate goal.

Have a Clearly Divided Content Calendar

To keep track of your content projects, everything must be written in a calendar. Keep it organized. This facilitates delegation of functions as well.

Create Engaging Content Mix

It should be varied from articles, videos, email newsletters, infographics, vlogs, videos, and images. Quality and engaging contents lead to conversion.

Content Marketing StrategyDon’t Be Too Traditional and Be Creative

An example is Evian’s roller babies campaign. It went viral and was a huge marketing success. Sometimes you have to take risks and think creatively. Content marketing is about communicating with your target audience and ultimately selling your products or ideas to them.

Write for Your Audience

Don’t write for search engines. Talk to people. Write articles which help them solve their problems. Address your target audience pain points and provide the solution.

Focus on Lead Nurturing

Work on writing emails, telling stories in your emails and marketing automation. This idea applies to content marketing too.

Measure Your Success

Determine which content derived the most conversions; the channels used; how much was the revenue, etc. Every aspect of the success or failure of the campaign should be analyzed.


Having a real content marketing strategy is a priority to increase company revenue. It is essential that the best practices for content marketing be followed to be effective in your business.

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