Self-Storage a Better Way to Store Things
Self-storage are storage units that are given on rental basis...

Self-storage are storage units that are given on rental basis for a short duration. Self-storage space can be a room, container or a locker. It can also be an outdoor area. These are rented by both individuals and businessmen. Self-storage is the primary industry in the United States. The major reason for hiring a self-storage is relocation or renovation. Self-storage spaces are available for long or short term duration. Some facilities also provide facilities like boxes, packaging supplies, locks etc. to protect the goods of the tenants. They also offer insurance facility to cover for losses. The tenants need to put his own lock and key to his rented space.

Self storage for businessAdvantages of Self-Storage Space

▪ Space: There are different types and sizes of self-storage available. Depending upon the space needed by the tenant he can make a choice and can select the most appropriate one. He can also rent more than one space if needed.

▪ Storing: It is the best way to store your stuffs during relocation or renovation. Storing space keeps your things comfortable and clean. There are also options like shelves, racks and bookshelves to arrange the files and other office items safely.  The temperature can be controlled hence the risk of damaging the things reduces to a great extent.

▪ Security: The storage space provides high security. The tenant can store their things without worrying much about them. There are also CCTV cameras, padlocks, door alarms etc. installed in the spaces.  Besides these the gates have a pin code access and a security guard to ensure safety.

▪ Discounts: If the tenant hires the space for long duration then the service provider will offer good discounts. Always inquire about discounts, special offers buy back guarantee for unused containers returned etc.

Types of Self storage

• Drive up storage:  Drive up storage ensures safety, cleanliness and easy access to the rented space. The goods stored in drive up storage can be easily unloaded or loaded for convenience.

• Business storage: All businesses can hire self-storage facility. Business self-storage are designed to meet the needs of the businesses. If the business space is small they can shift their inventory to the self-storage space. This will keep them safe as well as secure. All business equipment’s, inventory, machinery and other items can be stored in these spaces.

Storage for personal stuff• Climate controlled storage: Climate Self storage space ensures protection from rain and wind. This is an important feature offered next to security. These spaces will keep your furniture and other antiques safe nad prevent building up of moisture. It will protect them from molds.

• Military storage: Military personnel and their families have to move frequently. Military spaces are normally located near to the military bases to make it more convenient to the personnel.

• Student storage: Students too need to move and require a space to store their belongings. They can hire a locker or a unit to store their things and go for a vacation to their home.

Other Types of Self-Storage

24 hour storage

Vehicle  storage

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