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Email Marketing

Savoir Faire Media has partnered with one of the world’s leading Email Marketing Solutions company. By working with us, you get a designated account representative and set up for only $100*!

EmailDirect provides robust email marketing solutions geared for top email marketers. Beyond sending newsletters, EmailDirect enables savvy marketers to implement triggered emails, automated cross promotions and more. With the EmailDirect solution, you get more out of your email marketing efforts. No need to worry about feedback loops, white listings, bounces, removes, tracking or deliverability. We provide all the tools and support you need to execute a world-class email marketing program. From one-off Campaigns to automatically triggered emails, EmailDirect handles it all.

EmailDirect segmentation tools allow you to slice and dice your subscriber lists any way you can imagine. Beyond simply creating lists of people, the EmailDirect solution will enable you to group and target subscribers based on behaviors, demographic information, data source and campaign history.

Our API is open for use to all our clients for an additional fee. We’ve made it easy to integrate with us any way you want. The flexible and robust EmailDirect API allows developers to programmatically automate anything that can be accomplished within the user interface by hand.

With one-click Google Analytics integration, the response generated by the campaigns you send through EmailDirect will automatically display within your Google Analytics reports as “Campaigns”. By setting up Goals within your Google Analytics account you can identify exactly how much revenue is generated by each campaign sent from EmailDirect.

Of course you can schedule one-time email campaigns with EmailDirect, but EmailDirect Workflows make sending automated email campaigns easy too… Send subscribers timely messages such as birthday or anniversary offers.

Automate remarketing campaigns, create and tweak the perfect lead incubator and much more.

Wedding and Event professionals who frequent Bridal and Trade shows can upload their third-party lists without worry! Do you advertise with Perfect Wedding Guide or other publications which allow you to import your HTML? Savoir Faire Media clients are afforded a unique opportunity to use their EmailDirect template for use on these advertiser systems, when we are providing implementation.

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