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Category: Scholarships

  • 1st Quarter Scholarship Winner…meet Kathy Angus!

    We are so pleased to announce our first 2012 winner of the Chris Lelay Design Scholarship. Please meet Kathy Angus!  Creative invitation designer, admin extraordinaire, and the queen of perseverance!

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  • 3rd Quarter Scholarship Award Winner is….

    We are pleased to announce our 3rd Quarter Chris Lelay Scholarship award winner.  Before we reveal the details of the winner, let me tell you a bit about the program and why she was selected.  Our Scholarship was created by Owner of Savoir Faire Media, Natalie Lambert.  While the vision and dream of the company was always to help young women in business, after donating several websites and helping women launch businesses, Natalie wanted to create a program to find undiscovered talents.   The first few award winners include La Neu Chick, Fays Friends, and most recently Lavender Bakes.  These women were extraordinary, persevering woman and we connected with them instantly.

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