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We are excited to announce the rebranding launch for Jen Adams Photography!

(Formerly Jen Adams and Associates AV).  Every brand redo starts with identifying a few basic answers:

  • Why do you want to change your brand?
  • What color/style/theme image do you want to incorporate?
  • What elements of your personal style and personality can we integrate
  • Who is your target demographic?

We start by sending a 5 page survey which asks these questions and more. Once received, we hold detailed discovery calls to identify whether an html or flash website or pro blog are the best options.  In this case, Jen wanted both a blog to chronicle her sessions, as well as a fluid and visually appealing website, and also a branded photo print purchasing site.

 On to the logo!  Jen had originally had the concept of using argyle and wanted the theme to represent an upscale preppy feel.  We opted for a muted plaid to compliment her site, with a blue primary color and an accent of burgundy. This was originated from her desire to have an Americana and Patriotic color theme. By toning down the colors in that palette we accomplished all of the goals and added floral elements for whimsy.

Part of the process is reviewing every word on the site to update it for grammar, current offerings and products, addressing pricing and setting the tone for the new site.  Another vital part of website redesigns are photography. Fewer is better than poor quality, and so it was important to review the best of the best photos and update headshots to reflect the new feel and style.  Jen’s updated headshots were stunning and blend in wonderfully with the site.

For her business cards, we wanted a way to portray her vast product offerings and we proposed a fold over design that had contact details, social media pages, product offerings and more!  She now has an affordable mini brochure that clients and vendors are more apt to hold on to.  We are so pleased with the outcome of her redesign and are thrilled that she is as well!

A few words from Jen…

LOVE the new site, blog, cards, etc. from the fantastic team SFM!!!

From the initial consultation, they listened and they worked hard, and hit it on the head quickly.  We actually launched a week early.  The site looks and feels like… me.  I am not going to describe beyond there as it sounds like too much tooting of my own horn (the horn is actually SFM)
Top 3 Fav things:
1: My biz cards… I felt I needed 4 cards, one for families, one for weddings, one for babies and bellies, and one for my corporate work…. Natalie offered the special card I love.
2: Love the color and back drops…
3. Love all the extra details with the animations… swanky, special, and something I could have never done on my own, never, ever, never, ever.
Visit the Portfolio to see more cool stuff we whipped up for them!

Jen Adams Photography

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